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Newton’s Balls

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Impress your friends and family with Newtons balls 

Newton's Cradle, commonly known as Newton's Balls, is a device that demonstrates the principles of conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres. Typically, it consists of five identically-sized metal balls suspended in a straight line by two wires each, so they just touch each other at rest.

Give your home characteristics with this amusing but easy product.

Not only is this product very satisfying but it also gives your home a more interesting and unique look, an easy and cheap way to enhance your home.

You're home reflect on yourself so give it life with this timeless device!

Don’t know what to give your loved ones a great gift? Well here you have it!
With Newton’s Ball you can really give it as a birthday, Christmas or just regular gift. It’s simplistic touch gives it a captivating and enjoyable feeling for everyone!

Base size: 85*70*90mm
Included: Newton's Cradle Balance Balls