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Bee Mosaic Wall Decoration

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Brighten up your walls with this cute Bee Mosaic Wall Decoration! This buzzing accent is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face and add some much-needed sweetness to your space. Let the honeyed vibes fly with this unique, handmade artwork!


  • Honeycomb is made by acrylic manual. Each bee product will have a rugged metal chain and a viscous pad for easy suspension.
  • Not only hanging ornaments, but it is also made of opaque transparent acrylic, which allows acrylic shapes and texture shadows to other surfaces, so you will get a gorgeous sun in the window or wall.
  • Bee wall decoration is the perfect suspension ornament for spring, summer home, and farmhouse.
  • Can be used as a holiday, birthday, baby shower, wedding, and move to people who like bees.

Package Description:
1 * wall hanging